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Yogi RothYogi Roth is an explorer, with every one of his creative projects based in curiosity. A Pac-12 Networks college football analyst, Filmmaker, Scholar, New York Times Best-Selling Author, accomplished Coach, Motivational Speaker, Media Personality, Host and World-Traveler Roth has been studying human potential for over a decade.

Roth began his collegiate career as an athlete at the University of Pittsburgh where he walked-on the football team earning a full athletic scholarship as a wide receiver. He then began a coaching career on the staff of Pete Carroll at USC. After graduating magna cum laude and earning his master’s degree in communication management from the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, he rose through the coaching ranks, where he would become USC’s assistant Quarterbacks Coach. After four years on the USC coaching staff he transitioned to media, where he began a career as a college football analyst and host for ESPN, Fox and the Pac-12 Networks.

After pitching and producing his first documentary for ESPN, 3 FOR THE SHOW, which chronicled Jake Locker, Cam Newton and Tyron Taylor’s final season on the college gridiron and subsequent transition into the NFL, Roth became hooked on storytelling.

He co-wrote the book, WIN FOREVER (2010) with Pete Carroll, which reached #7 on the New York Times best-seller list, as well as his own book, FROM PA TO LA (2010). In 2011, he continued to hone his storytelling craft as a producer on DEPTH CHART, an ESPN series that followed the Miami Hurricanes and their quarterbacks during training camp.

Yogi also hosted and produced the ELITE 11 documentary series for ESPN from 2009-2014 (which was nominated for an Emmy ® in 2013). In 2015, directed DEAR FOOTBALL: THE 2015 ELITE 11 STORY, which followed the top high school quarterbacks in the nation while sharing their stories on and off the field and in 2016 he directed WELCOME TO THE IT FACTORY: THE 2016 ELITE 11 STORY.

He currently serves as a producer and narrator on the Pac-12 Network’s groundbreaking series THE DRIVE, which follows a football program intimately throughout a season. The series has followed Cal-Berkeley, Arizona State, UCLA, Oregon State and Utah in the first three years of the series and in 2016 followed each university in the Pac-12 Conference.

Most recently, Roth made his directorial debut with the documentary feature film, LIFE IN A WALK, which took home the Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking Award at the Newport Beach Film Festival. LIFE IN A WALK follows Roth and his father, Will, on their trek along the Camino De Santiago, a famous pilgrimage through Portugal and Spain, where he listens to, learns from and discovers more about his hero than he ever imagined.

In 2016 Roth began the LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS podcast, which explores the central question of ‘What does it mean to be human?’

In 2017 Roth continued his storytelling career as he directed the short film WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE HUMAN?, which was filmed during Inauguration Day all over Los Angeles. He continued his love for short films by following up with WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO LOVE?, which was filmed on location in Israel and premiered on Mother’s Day, 2017.

Furthermore, he is the Executive Producer on the educational documentary series titled ProtectHer, a film that chronicles Alexis Jones as she educates young men around the topic of sexual violence on college campuses and highlights the concept of student-athletes being the cure to this issue.

An expert traveler, Roth has traveled to over 30 countries exploring the power of sport in each society—dropping into each community without a plan while gathering content. In 2014, he sailed around Cape Horn, South America, filming the documentary titled, THE CAPE, which is in post-production and scheduled for release in 2018. He also is the creator and host of the digital documentary series titled, WE ALL SPEAK BALL, which explores American football in Israel. It is set to premiere in the summer of 2017.

He was also the co-founder of Win Forever, LLC with Pete Carroll, which was an company dedicated to coaching coaches on the development of a philosophy.

Additionally, through his production company – LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS – Yogi strives to create content through the lens of exploration based in curiosity. LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS highlights stories that create conversations and provokes audiences to give back to their community through the power of human connection, exploration and discovery.

The multi-faceted Roth has been an on-air correspondent for Entertainment Tonight, covered the NCAA Women’s Beach Volleyball Championships on TBS, is a regular on the speaking circuit for corporate, collegiate and high school events (in 2013, he presented his first TEDx Talk, titled ‘Love Wins.’). Roth is also a seasoned actor in film and on television, appearing on Comedy Central, multiple national commercials and in various independent films.

Roth resides in Venice Beach, CA.


COLLEGE FB BROADCASTS Color Analyst Pac-12 Networks, ESPN, Fox
ONE ON ONE (series) Host Pac-12 Networks
FOOTBALL WEEKLY Analyst Pac-12 Networks
COLLEGE BB BROADCASTS Sideline Pac-12 Networks
NCAA Beach Volleyball Championships Sideline TruTV/TBS

ProtectHer EP Documentary

WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE HUMAN? Director/Creator Short Documentary
WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO LOVE? Director/Creator Short Documentary

LIFE IN A WALK Director/EP Documentary
THE CAPE (Post) Director/EP Documentary
ELITE 11 (’09-’14) Host/Producer Documentary, ESPN
ELITE 11 (’15) Host/Director Documentary, Bleacher Report
ELITE 11 (’16) Host/Director/Producer Documentary, Bleacher Report/NFL Network

THE DRIVE: All 12 Universities (’16) VO/Producer Pac-12 Network
THE DRIVE: OSU/Utah (’15) VO/Producer Pac-12 Network
THE DRIVE: UCLA (’14) VO/Producer Pac-12 Network
THE DRIVE: Cal/ASU (’13) VO/Producer Pac-12 Network

PETE CARROLL PROJECT Co-Creator/Producer NFL Films

GATORADE/FOX Perf of Wk Director/Host Fox
THE PULSE OF CFB Creator/Host Fox
BALL TIME Creator/Host Fox

WIN FOREVER Co-Author Book
FROM PA TO LA Author Book

HUFFINGTON POST Author, Digital Contributor
ESPN The Magazine Author Magazine

Features (By request) Host/Producer Fox/Pac-12 Networks


  • Television: Onion Sports Network – Comedy Central
  • Film: Vengeance – Carl
  • Film: Nuclear Family – Berserker
  • Film: The Hitchhiker – Crossing Guard
  • Commercial: FX and Fiat Promo
  • Commercial: FX and The League Promo
  • Commercial: Dogswell
  • Voice Over: FX and The League Promo
  • Voice Over: Rise Up (ESPN Original Series)
  • IMI Writers Workshop
  • Scene Study: Bobby Gene
  • Personal Coaching: Bob Bancroft