Kathy Cohen: Global traveler who is ‘Comfortable is when she’s most uncomfortable’ LWOL podcast

From the beach in Tel Aviv prepare to get impacted by Kathy Cohen as she joins host Yogi Roth on the LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS podcast. Kathy, a world traveler who has lived all over the world, shares how she has embraced life the most when she is most uncomfortable.

Kathy Cohen, comfortable when she’s most uncomfortable. (Photo credit: Vladimir Migutin)

Born in Israel, her family moved to Australia at 13 years old where Kathy had to experience ‘fitting in’ from an early age. While not an easy move for a teenager it set a foundation for her to see the world.

Kathy and Yogi hosted content for Israel 21c

At 19 years old she had the urge to repeat the same feeling as she began to seek out the world to find a place where she didn’t know the culture or language, or as she says, ‘wanted to find my feet.’

Kathy, always exploring

Thus, Kathy’s view on life transitioned from fear to adventure.

From Malaysia, Bali, Phuket, an island off Singapore, the Maldives, as well as Buenos Aires in Argentina Kathy lived, completely immersing herself in each community along the way.

Always exploring the globe, Kathy Cohen

As she sits with Yogi Roth on the LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS podcast you’ll feel her passion for life, be inspired by her incredible work ethic and understand why moving back to Israel impacted her story in a massive way.

Kathy and her best friend, Og

They discuss her grandparents, both Holocaust survivors, the arts community in Tel Aviv, Burning Man and more as her and Yogi spent the week exploring Israel and creating content for the non-profit, Israel 21c.

a football star in the making, Kathy Cohen

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Kathy and the Women’s Flag Football League in Israel