Lizzie Brenkus: ‘I didn’t realize how much I had to say’ – singer/songwriter of BRINK OF MIDNIGHT inspires with authenticity on LWOL podcast

‘I didn’t realize how much I had to say’ ~ Lizzie Brenkus

Meet Lizzie Brenkus, who has lived a life that has revolved around creativity and shares how life can change in the quietest of moments, as she joins the LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS podcast with Yogi Roth.

Lizzie Brenkus

From being a member of the Long Beach Opera at age 8 to ultra marathons and Ironman competitions amid meeting the man of her dreams and now, creating a band—Lizzie’s life is one that will inspire you to follow your inner voice and ‘live big.’

Lizzie and husband, John

The lead singer of the band BRINK OF MIDNIGHT, she has been performing since childhood. What makes this conversation unique is learning how she cultivated her opportunities as ‘life’ happened and that she views fear as ‘excitement in disguise.’

‘When I’m moving, I’m thinking.’ Says the avid trail runner Lizzie Brenkus

The way Lizzie’s Mom raised her will leave you taking notes on parenting, how she met her husband John at gate B-38 in the Denver airport will give you chills and how they created their band BRINK OF MIDNIGHT will blow your mind.

‘When I’m moving, I’m thinking’ said the singer/songwriter, as she detailed how she created content along the running trails of Utah.

Singer/Songwriter Lizzie Brenkus

If you’re in a rut, nervous to take a chance on your passion or think that being a parent/partner means you have to give up your dreams just listen in, as Lizzie will nudge you to find your dream and chase it relentlessly while eloquently reminding us that ‘the work is the reward.’

Brink of Midnight

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