‘Yogi, you’re a writer.’

My Mom told me that in 5th grade when I was writing for our school newspaper. At the time my sights were set on playing in the NBA or NFL but I must admit, she was right. I’ve loved telling stories in journals that no one would see, on stage for thousands and eventually, in books and films.

The craft of sharing a story is embedded in my soul and my first two books, FROM PA TO LA and WIN FOREVER, were unique experiences that helped start my writing career. So Mom, looks like you were right…again. Hope you enjoy!


From PA to LA isn’t like anything you’ve read before. Expect this book to cut deeper than your traditional tell-all. Built around a detailed, inside look at the Pitt and USC football programs, it is at heart a story about a small town kid from Pennsylvania who uses sports, travel and adventure as a way to develop his own winning philosophy of life. The underlying themes reveal a different, yet exhilarating path to getting the most out of each day in both our personal and professional lives. Anyone open to inspiration from someone who has worked tirelessly to get everything he has, while helping others and competing each step of the way, needs to read this book. Order FROM PA TO LA from Amazon.


Win Forever–Live, Work, and Play like a Champion which made its debut on the New York Times Best-Seller List at #7 releases in paperback on August 2, 2011 with a new chapter on Pete Carroll’s first season with the Seattle Seahawks.This self-help book, written by Carroll and Yogi Roth, was the first book by both. A portion of all proceeds go towards Carroll’s foundation, A Better LA, which was founded to curb gang violence in Los Angeles. Their relationship began during Yogi’s college career at the University of Pittsburgh where he was a wide receiver and Carroll’s son, Brennan, was a tight end. Yogi served as a member of Carroll’s staff at USC from 2004-2009. His own book titled, From PA to LA, has been on shelves since 2010, with Carroll authoring the foreword. Order WIN FOREVER from Amazon.