Yogi Roth has been speaking in public since high school. Over the last decade he has spoken to a variety of corporations, teams, colleges and communities around the globe.

Ranging from TEDx to the South by Southwest Conference, Yogi has spoken on tour with brands such as Nike as well as been a keynote speaker at college graduations providing motivational messages around storytelling, motivation and creating culture in high performing communities. He has also been a keynote in the business section speaking at IMG, Dignity Health, PMK*BNC, Worldwide Express and more.

His desire to mentor what he calls ‘the Next Generation of Dreamers’ has led him to speaking to athletic departments and football programs at USC, the University of Washington, San Jose State and more as well as the Gonzaga basketball team. An avid traveler, Yogi has also spoken internationally in Israel and at an all women’s school in Rwanda, as he is an executive producer of the ProtectHer project as an activist to end sexual violence on college campuses.

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“I’ve met a lot of interesting folks in 15 years of covering college sports. Yogi Roth is right near the top of that list. He is without a doubt the most optimistic, relentlessly positive person I’ve ever met. He’s got the spirit to try anything and, in an uncanny, um, Yogi Roth-way, he usually makes it happen. He also has been blessed with the capacity to fit so effortlessly into any situation or group. Reading his story provided a great window into how he got to have such a unique view of the world.”

Bruce Feldman, award-winning college football writer/reporter, Fox Sports

“Yogi = a rare mix of acute & courageous sojourner + human catalyst + MENSCH!”

Kevin Carroll, author, speaker and agent for social change

“Yogi Roth is a force of nature. Every time I sit with him by the end of the conversation I am ready to jump out of my seat and attack life. He is so special I insisted he address my company. I never looked so smart in front of my organization as I did after Yogi’s presentation!”

Michael Nyman, Chairman & CEO PMK*BNC

“Yogi personifies what it means to live life without limits. As a hopeless optimist, profound documentarian, TV show Host, National Best Selling Author, Professional storytelling adventure-er; he refuses to be defined by any one of the incredible things he’s accomplished. And despite always being the most interesting person in the room, it’s his commitment to inspiring others to achieve their dreams, that ironically leaves everyone in the room thinking they are the most interesting person. It’s his humility, his insatiable curiosity about the human experience, his compassion and his enthusiasm for life that always evoke an unforgettable “Yogi Roth” contagiousness. Guys want to be him. Girls want to be with him. He’s the guy that takes your breath away. Every. Single. Time.”

Alexis Jones, Author/Activist/Founder of ProtectHer & I Am That Girl

“Yogi Roth knows his stuff. The Pac-12 Networks football analyst can break down X’s and O’s with any commentator in the country.”

Michael Lev, Arizona Daily Star

“Yogi’s positive energy is evident the second he walks into a room. He fully engages an audience in his stories, in the questions he asks, and in the on-the-spot coaching he provides. He is a key part of one of our ongoing programs, and we get consistently positive feedback every time he works with us. Because he genuinely cares about helping people see their place in the world differently, I look for opportunities to bring him in as a speaker. Yogi is one of the most dynamic people I know.”

Jack Skalican, Dignity Health


“I’m not afraid to admit it, I cried when I talked to Yogi. I wasn’t really expecting to, but I guess he touched a nerve…It’s a film about fathers and sons, how we connect and how we sometimes don’t…If you haven’t alreay done so today, take a walk…Connect with loved ones. Call your dad. Seriously, call him.”



“All of Roth’s different projects share one commonality: They’re primarily driven by his passion for storytelling…that originally motivated LIFE IN A WALK.”

Erin Rode, Daily Trojan


“Roth decided to turn his footage into a documentary project, aimed at creative a movement that encourages people to find opportunities to ask their loved ones the questions they’ve always wanted the answers to.”

Chris Strauss, USA Today

“The only thing I value more than Yogi’s energy and enthusiasm towards football is our friendship. He once asked me, ‘Mark–who are you?’ At first I thought it was rhetorical, but then he demanded an answer! That moment taught me a lot about myself. He was always there for me from red zone blitzes to life advice and for that, I am eternally grateful.”

Mark Sanchez, quarterback, Denver Broncos