Rob Ryan – Storyteller & CEO who shared a story for 754 straight days & counting

‘How do you want to live your life for the next 25 years Rob Ryan?’ ~ what Storyteller/CEO Rob Ryan asked himself every day for 8 weeks.

Imagine leaving your life behind to chase your dream of impacting the planet? Imagine documenting that journey? Imagine a single tweet changing your life? Meet Rob Ryan, storyteller and entrepreneur.

Storyteller & GrowthHax CEO Rob Ryan

After a walk along the Pacific Ocean in 2015 Rob evaluated his journey and accepted that he was a storyteller. Since then, he has used social media to share a story every day, 754 of them at the time of this podcast to be exact.

From Santiago, Chile he and LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS host Yogi Roth dive into this Storyteller and CEO’s path.

At 29 years old Rob started his first company, four companies later he finds himself in Santiago, Chile starting another.

His company, GrowthHax, is building and delivering mentorship programs for universities, corporations, government programs and more as they teach entrepreneurs the skills necessary for success by combining storytelling and technology to build mentorship.

Rob and other entrepreneurs

You’ll be taken inside a friendship & inspired to seek the best version of yourself.

Rob sharing a story on one of his 754 straight days of Instagram Storytelling

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Rob and his daughter Reilly, post walk and story, of course 🙂