Sara Hirsh Bordo: founder of Women Rising & filmmaker of We Go Higher, ProtectHer, A Brave Heart – LWOL podcast

‘We learn when things are uncomfortable and painful.’ ~ Sara Hirsh Bordo

Meet Sara Hirsh Bordo, storyteller extraordinaire. The founder of Women Rising, an award winning production company that has the mission of creating content and experiences to empower women and girls.

Sara Hirsh Bordo, founder of Women Rising

Sara was once told by her female boss that she ‘belonged more in an apron than in an office.’ A few years later she has directed multiple films that have won dozens of awards across the globe, as well as produced some of the most powerful events in recent years.

Filmmaker Sara Hirsh Bordo on set of ProtectHer documentary series

In her discussion with Yogi Roth on the LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS podcast she will inspire you to lead, chase your dreams and remain vulnerable to find personal growth. In an extremely vulnerable discussion, you will be moved by Sara’s powerful journey.

We Go Higher, a documentary about hope from the 9/11 Kids

Currently, Sara is an executive producer of the documentary WE GO HIGHER, the first documentary film by and about the Kids of 9/11. Visit and support a film that aims to be a resource for recovery for anyone dealing with loss and promises to inspire a renewed sense of hope and unity by empowering this group of Kids to become their own narrators.

Sara Hirsh Bordo and Lizzie Velasquez celebrate the film A BRAVE HEART

She most recently directed the documentary ProtectHer, which is a first of its kind sexual assault prevention program that educates student-athletes that they are the cure to ending sexual violence instead of the problem. In 2015, she directed A BRAVE HEART: The Lizzie Velasquez Story, which qualified for an Academy Award.

Alexis Jones, Delaney Colaio, Yogi Roth & Sara Hirsh Bordo at ProtectHer launch party at SXSW film festival

She directed and co-produced the Women’s March in Austin, Texas this past spring, as well as executive produced TEDx Austin Women in 2013, where her and Yogi met.

Sara Hirsh Bordo & Women Rising on set of a recent film.

Sara’s belief in people, her expertise in storytelling and courage to live a life without limits will impact you in a memorable fashion.

Women Rising, an award-winning production company founded by Sara Hirsh Bordo