‘Every 4 Years’ a Spoken Word poem by Yogi Roth

During Election Week in the United States

Phil Steele—College Football Preview: ‘I go over every single player’

‘I go over every single player’ ~ Phil Steele. Phil Steele, creator of

Will Roth – Happy Father’s Day as he reflects on LIFE IN A WALK

  In the final part of the #FathersDay series on the

Father’s Day Series #1: LIFE IN A WALK–saying ‘yes,’ being a ‘rock,’ & sharing this ‘simple story’

During the week leading up to Father's Day we wanted to do something fun and unique on the

Tyler Palko: “I just wanted to make a difference”

Tyler Palko is one of the greatest competitors I've ever met.

Steve Physioc: ‘When you’re a seeker & open minded you always challenge yourself.’

Steve Physioc – Quite simply, the nicest guy you you’ll ever meet.

A campfire to remember

As if sailing around Cape Horn wasn't enough, this day became even more memorable.

The most impactful experience of my professional life

Throughout the last 30 years I’ve been a part of many Father’s Day Weekend’s.