The most impactful memory of this walk

A month ago I sent out a video asking if anyone wanted to go for a walk, meet people from around the world or simply share a story each day from someone you met. Well, the response has been epic and two thirds into this adventure, I would like to say ‘thank you.’

Today, on Father’s Day, I’d like to share with you an element of my adventure along the Camino De Santiago that none of you knew at the time of the video. Before the trip I handed my father a plane ticket and quite simply asked, ‘Want to go for a walk?’

In Will Roth fashion, he quickly agreed and off we went; We walked over 200 km in two weeks with stories that could write another book themselves. And yes, someday I hope to share those stories with you…

But today, I will do what I asked of you. I will share a story about a man I love, admire and hope to be a third of someday.

As he and I arrived at the St. James Cathedral, under blue skies that seemed dream-like, we were both stoked.

Yet what ensued over the next 2 minutes will be the most powerful memory of this pilgrimage.

Early in our walk, my Father saw a young man, Louis, limping much like most pilgrims, including us. My dad asked Louis how his leg was feeling and voiced his likely similar pain.

Louis responded with, ‘No sir, my knee does not hurt’ and then proceeded to lift his right pant leg up and reveal that he was walking along the Camino De Santiago on a prosthetic leg.

Like anyone, my father immediately felt remorse, as here he was talking about his leg pain and Louis was walking on one leg without saying a word!

As the days went on and kilometers climbed, we would cross paths with Louis and his amazing friends. Each time, he and my father would literally yell, ‘Louis!’ and simultaneously, ‘Will!’ They would follow that up with ‘I love you!’ and then smile, hug and wish each other good luck, or ‘Bon Camino!’

Fast forward to the moment we arrived at the Cathedral and as we were standing at this massive and emotional monument we heard an emotional and enthusiastic voice over our right shoulders…

‘Will! We did it!!! We did it!! How amazing is this!! Just amazing!’

I stood to the side and watched as two people–from two different worlds with two different stories–say ‘I love you’ to each other, hug, cry and be purely present while sharing this simple joy together.

Yes, there were many memories along the Santiago De Compostela but on this day–I feel fortunate to share this one with you…

Remember, we all have a story…sometimes we just need to share it.

Hope you are having an incredible day, living your life without limits and if you have time–enjoy this video.