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How Great is Ball Newsletter

Hey everyone! I hope your summer has been everything you’ve hoped and that you are gearing up for another magical […]

College Football Week 1

Week 1 – let’s go! Like many of you I’m jacked for the start of college football. Check out the […]

College Football Week 2

Hard to believe Week 2 is already upon us! From fresh faces to 5th year seniors to emotional tributes, a […]

College Football Week 3

How Great Is Ball The Power of Sports The power of sports has transformed the world. And 17 years ago, […]

College Football Week 4

Week 4 of College Football Performance, Leadership, and Mark Speckman   As we enter week 4 of the college football […]

College Football Week 5

Week 5 of College Football Jared Goff joins me to talk leadership and my 3 insights on College Football We’ve […]

College Football Week 6 and Brenda Tracy

“I wasn’t built to break” – Brenda Tracy She joins The Yogi Roth Show in week 6 of the season Brenda […]

Tanner Magnum of BYU joins the podcast & my thoughts on the ‘Modern Athlete’

Tanner Mangum of BYU joins the podcast & my thoughts on the ‘Modern Athlete’ “It’s not a weakness to get help, […]

UCF QB McKenzie Milton joins the podcast: once overlooked, now inspiring millions

You’ll hear many people – including myself – claim that football is the ultimate team sport. Each and every play, […]

Trent Dilfer: How Grit and Imagination led him to the NFL & the ‘Why’ behind being the Elite 11 Head Coach

How do you end your phone calls with your close friends and family? I spoke with Trent Dilfer on the subject and […]

Bruce Feldman: the ‘why’ behind college football’s most respected journalist

Bruce Feldman is an award winning author, college football personality and one of the most respected members of the media. […]

Love Wins in Pittsburgh & Voting Day stories

As we enter the fourth quarter of the college football season we will surely come across moments that will define […]