Gorilla’s…great prep for Elite11

Today went deep into the Rwanda jungle.

After hiking into the lush green, around steep cliffs and throughout the land of 1,000 hills got to meet a family of 12 Gorilla’s.

Watched as Charles, the father and silverback in the group, made his presence felt in a massive way.

Was invited to view two of his children wrestle for 30 seconds only to collapse from exhaustion…only to do it a minute later like siblings can only do.

Stood in awe as his wife took care of her newborns in humanistic fashion.

Overall, was blown away with our cousins and how amazing their features, actions and reactions are and overall size.

A memory that I’ll truly never forget…and throughout the entire day in the jungle in Africa was able to even prep for the Elite 11 finals, as I worked on my pocket presence while avoiding defensive lineman-check out this video. Full on prep for #Elite11

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