Approaching Santiago, sans headphones

Ever think about what you do during a walk? Like, what do you think of? For real.

During the Camino De Santiago pilgrimage, I’ve decided to not listen to music. Thus, as we approach 200 km over the last nine days on dusty paths, wet roads and steep boulder-filled/mud infused hills it has been me and my thoughts for a lot of the time–in between other conversations with explorers along this path.

Now that may be a scary thought–but to have those conversations with oneself about life, happiness and simple joys has been a blast. Sure, we get them in yoga class, surfing, on long runs, etc–but there is something about taking time for yourself.

Furthermore, it has allowed me to hear things I haven’t heard in a while. Whether it is a local bird or a random animal in a bush, it is a sound I may haven’t heard in the daily hustle.

And yes, this is a typical vacation blog up to this sentence…

…But now try this experiment out, as my close friend Dr. Michael Gervais once said this to an Olympian:

‘…when you sit in your car today listen to the door lock, literally. Then listen to the keys jingle, literally. Finally, hear your seatbelt click in, for real…’

When we do those things that Dr. Mike suggested, we are able to get present
extremely quickly and hear things we may often not.

So while today’s post did not include my new favorite EDM song, I do hope it got one of you to just go for a walk, without your jams pumping ;).

Almost in Santiago…about to hit the trail.


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