Christmas Eve in Laos

There is a scene in ‘The Motorcycle Diaries’ when the two main characters are in the south of Chile, only accross the river from Argentina. They look across, see the lights flicker and in an act of sheer will one of the young men, Ernesto, decides to swim across to help someone in need and prove that the river could be crossed.

Ten years ago when I first watched that film i saw Ernesto chase his passion to learn and explore, to state that there are no borders that cannot be crossed or relationships that cannot be mended.

That afternoon, in New York City, the fire inside me to travel, to live a life without limits, became stoked.

Tonight, on Christmas Eve, I sit in Laos overlooking a river and cannot help but laugh a little…three years ago on this very evening my Dad and i sat high above the Himalayas over the Ganges River in India, laughing and philosophizing…

Interesting as we never realized at the time what ingredients make up our journey and at unique times, come back again…Merry Christmas Eve.

May it be a night where we think about those #SimpleJoys in life and laugh a little



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