A bumpy bus ride

We go to these places on trips, deep thoughts that is so far out from what we can think of as everyday, normal life. In Cuba it is amplified as there is minimal Internet, minimal outside communication.

For someone in their early to mid 30s that is a good and bad thing. Of course there is the overall thought of societal pressures and marriage, kids, etc but can quite easily move past that. The difficult part is when you still maintain a wonderlust spirit. I truly do not think that will ever go away…so amid that thought is the internal dialogue along the bumpy roads in the countryside of ‘can I have both? Can I offer someone my very best when my best may be seeking something that does not include them?’

Of course the answer is yes and that the right partner will get you, embrace you and possibly share some of those ideals while allowing you to seek and create. But let’s be honest–it’s a hard one to grasp.

I understand that when we have children life is lived for them, but until then is life lived for humanity?

Esoterically of course, but my dream is also to live a full life. Right now a full life’s definition is conflicting…and with time on my side in Cuba and decisions to be made in the states I remain on this bumpy bus, wondering…wandering…with a massive smile on my face and flame burning within me as bright as it ever has.

It feel good to be in Havana.


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