Day 3: The Yellow Arrow Lesson

Day 3.

As we walk along the Camino towards Santiago we are guided by only yellow arrows. But, it is like they have mind of their own, playing games on you as if they are a long lost pal of Dr. Michael Gervais.

For instance, when you have not seen a yellow arrow for over a mile and one begins to panic–a little yellow triangle shows up to guide you in the right direction, basically saying, “I got you, young traveler.”

But it also shows the other side to her along this path. Yes, these cute yellow signs point a pilgrim in the proper direction and they never say how far away one is from the destination.

After over 15 miles today on various terrain in the sun, rain and wind it was obvious that these little yellow signs were teaching all of us a lesson–walk presently and don’t worry about what is in front of you, sometimes you just have to trust it and go.

Oh, and made a new best friend today…he goes by the name Gold Bond. 😉

Peace. And yes, I’m still sore…


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