End of Day 1

Chose to walk at night, because why not? We trekked along the river to a little surf town in Portugal.

Today, we head north along the Atlantic, guided by the waves I used to see as a child, the taste of salt water that left a never-ending imprint on 10-year old’s taste buds and unexpected conversation with other pilgrims on this uncommon route.

We veer off the traditional map because sometimes the road less traveled is the one that calls you to walk along her–this trip and its decisions are all made by feel, or instinct. It’s really what I’ve trusted my entire life and on the road, like in a game, that sense comes alive. It’s like it is in a deep sleep and on the road she wakes again, unexpected and refreshed, completely alive.

Time to go for a little walk…Day 2.

Hope you meet someone new today…#LWOL

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