The final leg

Final leg.

The day started early with a few time lapse shots being set at 5 a.m.

The sail was a mix of no wind, wild wind and average wind as the waves grew alongside dolphins, penguins and of course, the hilarious albatross.

For eight hours or so we all talked, ate and laughed while taking final pictures and interviewing Freddie, Axcele and Tom on camera.

Yet during all of this there was a feeling that was underlying the entire day–the feeling of this voyage ending. The reality of this being our final day together.

In traveling this happens. You meet people, guards get stripped down and experiences are heightened because you go through so much in such a short period of time. Quite simply, within a matter of days what begins as ‘hi there’ ends with ‘love you.’

Yet life happens and another 86,400 seconds goes by, as does weeks, months and years.

Regardless, Tom and Axcele, Freddie and Tyler, along with Cabos de Hornos have a piece of my heart and I hope, are okay with sharing a piece of theirs with me. Like my great, great, great grandfather wrote in 1858, ‘The Captain takes the ship out and the mates bring her home.’ Along the Santa Maria, we all brought her home.

One final night’s sleep on the Santa Maria, and I’ve never felt so happy.

From the Edge of the Earth, dream well.



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