Off To Sail Cape Horn

It was only two weeks earlier when my best friend Andy, brother Ravi, sister Maya and her husband Michael took me to the Super Bowl. There, on the 40-yard line with the city that doesn’t sleep as our backdrop, we watched my mentor lead his team to the World Championship. A unique feeling, as it felt what parents describe when watching their children play. I was happy, nervous, proud…just so…well, I was flipping jacked!

And now, at 32 years old, I can only smirk, as it is the eve of my Super Bowl. Yet I have been on this team my entire life, or at least ever since I read that journal at 8 years old under dimly lit sheets in Dalton, Pennsylvania.

I read about a man in 1858 who lost everything only to risk everything. His job, his partner—vanished. His life, his purpose—appeared.

For 387 days my great, great, great grandfather sailed along the grand seas under those shiny stars. Through triumph and dismay he learned who he was, as he faced himself and his pilgrimage face to face, eye to eye.

At 8, I vowed to take this trip, to sail those same seas. Like a kindred spirit I too would explore the edge of the earth that a mapmaker named Magellan pushed the limits of—Cape Horn.

So as my narrative called ‘life’ continues down a sentence I cannot complete, nor want to, I do look forward to the chapter that pushes boundaries that are boundless and endless.

Thanks for the support and cheers to each of us living our story, living our lives…without limits.


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  • Tom Mitchell February 20, 2014  

    Peace, Amigo.

  • Addison Mitchell February 21, 2014  

    What a trip! Be safe, can’t wait to see photos 🙂