‘All you need is love and fresh water’

On a plane leaving Ushuaia.

The sense of leaving typically is that of sorrow but this day is fueled by excitement. And if it wasn’t then, the South American goddess who just sat beside me would have altered that with one smile here in row 26.

The life of an explorer can be joyous and lonely. It can offer a PhD in life while reminding us what we were taught in pre-school. Yet through it all what must remain paramount is the people who have helped shape the narrative explored and written on this never-ending road called ‘life.’ Some family, others friends. Some lovers, others just random passer-bys. Some in a hostel, others on a plane (we can hope right?!).

Thus, as we take off and this chapter ends, I am obliged and humbled to say ‘thank you’ to those who have created a path I’m following, those exploring side by side from afar and those who just seek a nudge to put on a backpack and get lost.

More specifically to Tom, Axcele, Freddie and Tyler; thank you. The gift you have given me is beyond the ability to describe. My family and myself will forever know the tales of you all and the journey you led, joined and captured.

So to those who have, are and will live their lives without limits, thank you.

And it’s like Freddie said, ‘all you need in life is love and fresh water.’

With love and exploration,

Mucho Gracias



photo 1

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