No money, No bank, No things. Perfect.

So we went for a walk.

Among the tobacco leaves, bananas, oranges and random fruits we went. Picking our way through lunch and an early dinner. Our guide was the magical Yoly (yes, the irony of her name is not lost here). She had greeted my newfound bus friend and I at the station and her energy was obvious–she is a local who has a heart larger than the island we were lucky to be on.

After hearing that my US bank (BOA) had ‘restrictions’ regarding their ATMs in Cuba after many failed attempts to withdraw cash the flame inside me began to burn even brighter. ‘How will i eat? Where will i sleep? How much fun is this!?’

Yes, in a time machine known as an ATM I went back to my early adventures. From Fiji and only $40 to my name to Patagonia with less than that and i was reminded how much free fun there is in this world.

So we walked, how ironic. 🙂

On this waltz along the lush forest the three of us learned of one another, laughed like we were in junior high and took a few hundred pictures. Ok, they made fun of me for that but hey, i have a new hobby!

As the night ended Yoly and i sat down over an epic meal her parents created via their backyard, literally. ‘Yogi-you should stay another night. We will figure this out. It would be best to be here where you have a bed, a roof and food.’

She forgot to add an amazing family, gracious host and a new friend.

Oh traveling, how you’ve done it again.


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