Yogi Roth joined the Kinda Dating podcast with Natasha Chandel, exploring the topics of anxiety and depression while sharing stories of his past and the impact anxiety and depression have in sports. Listen on a variety of podcast players.

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Podcast description: Anxiety and depression can wreak havoc on ourselves and our relationships, and it’s also the most common mental health issue in America! But it’s not all gloom and doom if you have it. Author, motivational speaker, and Pac-12 Network’s Yogi Roth gets into this deep topic with Natasha Chandel. Together they reveal their struggles with it and offer tips on how to manage it, how to look within, and ways to change your perspective. It’s only when we’re whole that we can find real love. You’re not alone. Listen to this amazing, honest, informative episode of the Kinda Dating podcast, presented by Meltdown Comics.


Yogi Roth and Kinda Dating podcast host Natasha Chandel