From the heart of the Latin Quarter in Paris, the LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS podcast welcomes back Brett Hughes to the show. Brett and his wife, Kate Voegele (recently on LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS), chose to move to Paris with purpose. Both explorers, they had committed to fulfilling a goal of residing in a foreign country when they got married. Fast-forward to May of 2018 and that goal is a reality. Host Yogi Roth sat down with Brett during the first month of their adventure over a coffee. There, Brett shared how his adventurous spirit began as a child in his backyard and with each life decision; his curiosity to see the world grew. Brett—a 10-year professional lacrosse player following a stellar career at the University of Virginia—dove into the fear that traveling can create and how the same curiosity he had a child has allowed him to overcome the fear of the unknown. If you’ve ever had a dream of living in a foreign land, domestic or abroad, this conversation will ignite your spirit to explore and offer tangible tools toward actualizing that dream. Follow Brett’s adventure in Paris via his Instagram page @BrettHughes6 or on Twitter @Brett_Hughes. For more #LifeWithoutLimits podcasts follow @YogiRoth or visit