Adam Amin is known as one of the top broadcasters in sports and joins The Yogi Roth Show to share his story. Adam joined ESPN at the young age of 24 and has called major college football, basketball, NBA, NFL games and more during his career.

While host Yogi Roth and Adam dive into the details of his professional journey the essence of their conversation is around humanity, as Adam has seen it first hand being the only member of his immediate family to be born in the United States.

Adam, whose family was born and raised in Pakistan, defined being human as always wanting to evolve and be better and to appreciate others for the same reasons that you would want to be appreciated. He shared that his favorite word in the English language is ‘empathy’ and said that the most human thing you can do is be empathetic to those around you—even if there may be underlying differences in philosophy or mentality.

When one learns of Adam’s father, Mohammed, it makes sense that Adam views life this way. Mohammed moved to the USA in 1978 with the sole goal of creating a life that his wife and sons could join. In 1985, Adams family would join Mohammed and in 1986, Adam was born.

Adam also had some incredible insights to share about broadcasting in this currently political climate. He stressed the importance of having perspective in a social media heightened era, and how it is critical for him to use his platform in a thoughtful, educated, respectful, impactful and nuanced way to best serve his audience.

For Adam, it all comes down to appreciation and empathy.

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