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‘There’s nothing wrong with a blockbuster, but there is also something really cool about telling me something that I’ve never thought about.’ ~ Adam Goldberg, Executive Producer of LOSERS

How should we talk about losing? Do you have a relationship with it? Is it healthy?

Adam Goldberg, Executive Producer of the acclaimed Netflix Series LOSERS joins The Yogi Roth Show to discuss why we need to remember stories of heartbreaking defeat. After all, the athletes that lose have just as much skill, grit and determination as the athletes that are known for winning. As you listen to Adam share his experience creating this documentary series you may re-imagine your relationship with losing.

LOSERS focuses on 8 athletes whose careers are defined by losing and the lessons the stories of their careers stand to offer. The series notes, ‘if we learn from defeat, we should pay a bit more attention to those who lose.’

Adam is currently working on numerous projects with his production company South District Films. He is also now showrunning a new sneaker culture show called You Ain’t Got These that is executive produced by Emmy-winning writer Lena Waithe along with Boardwalk Pictures (Chef’s Table/Last Chance U).

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