Two names, two careers, two podcasts.

Listen as Ariel Joseph Towne joins the LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS podcast for the first time as he and host Yogi Roth discuss the duality in his life.

Ariel, known as a Feng Shui guru and often called ‘an alchemist of possibility,’ has appeared on television shows such as The Dr. Oz show, worked with A-list celebrities, Fortune 500 companies & appeared in numerous publications is known across the globe as ‘best in class’ when it comes to the understanding of space and energy while improving people’s lives.

Joe, known as an actor, coach and content creator in Hollywood, has appeared on television shows such as Significant Mother, Law and Order, The Practice, All My Children, The L Word, Fringe and more. The digital series Friends In Therapy, which Joe wrote, produced and starred in, is an award-winning series that will have you laughing while binge watching.

In this podcast, Joe shares what it means to be a “gracious host,” discusses the inner dialogue of ‘Am I enough?’ that many performers ask themselves and his passion regarding storytelling and helping others.

His path—which will amaze you—explores the physical, spiritual and athletic world as this one-time under 13 dart champion in Long Island, USC Trojan alum and man with two names that have morphed into one purpose takes us on a wild ride otherwise known as his story in Part 1 of 2 on the LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS podcast.

You can find Ariel on Twitter and Facebook and learn about Feng Shui on his website or read his book, Serene Makeover: Inner Edition.

To learn about Joe the actor, coach and creator follow him on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook while exploring his website.

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A creator of epic t-shirts, Joe Towne

A creator of epic t-shirts, Joe Towne