‘What’s going on in your space is going on in your life.’ ~ Ariel Joseph Towne

In Part 2 of Ariel Joseph Towne’s conversation you are taken inside Yogi’s home, as Ariel takes Yogi through the feng shui process, literally. While Part 1 shared Joe’s path, his story and what drives him to maximize his potential this episode of the LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS podcast is as unique of a conversation as there has been in this series.

On the floor in Yogi’s living room, after more than 6 hours of discussion and moving things around, these two friends discuss the massive shift that just occurred in Venice Beach, CA on the LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS podcast.

This podcast is about much more than moving a couch or hanging a picture. Rather, there were unique and difficult questions that Ariel asked Yogi such as;

  • ‘How do you want to feel when you walk into your home?’
  • ‘How do you hope others feel when they enter your home?’
  • ‘What does Yogi 3.0 look like?’
  • ‘Why do you only have 1 nightstand?’ and more.

“It changed my life,” said Yogi, as he was blown away by the process, purpose and depth that feng shui has.

Enjoy this late night chat as you hear Yogi at his most vulnerable in this podcast series. This post-shui podcast will have you thinking about your living room, the pipes in your bathroom, the color sheets your have and if your life is a reflection of your home.

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Joe Towne

Joe Towne