Before you tell me how you teach and preach…show me how you live and give.” Once Brett Hughes shared that quote by Cory Booker I knew there were finally words that could capture his essence, his path, his story.

In my 34 years of living I have yet to meet someone who has lived a life full of service more than Brett Hughes. His story will impact, inspire and challenge at the start of this episode, but by its end you’ll be brainstorming new ways to give back to others, fall in love with the unfamiliar and quite possibly, walk down the road less traveled, much like Brett.

Enjoy Brett Hughes in the LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS podcast.

Explorer and storyteller Brett Hughes has been living a high performance life since his early days as an athlete in Ohio. He spurred a college football career for lacrosse, as he says ‘maybe I could be the person that does something that no one else has done.’ His choice led to a decade of playing professional lacrosse after an All-American career at the University of Virginia and Brett has continued serve others while living a life without limits.

After coming across a trash dump in Nicaragua he created Lacrosse the Nations, which turned that land into a lacrosse field where dreams he had as a child have become a reality for that community-through education and health-while creating opportunities for children in poverty. He has also co-founded the brand ANOTHER BEST DAY, which has inspired thousands around the globe to see the world through an optimistic lens.

Brett’s path will nudge you to seek your passion and compete to excel at it without any hesitation.

Watch Brett share his path at the Clinton School of Public Service:

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Brett Hughes

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