“There has always been a desire to compete.” Said Elite 11 president Brian Stumpf as he joined the LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS podcast with Yogi Roth. Listen as Brian discusses what it’s like to have a photographic memory, evaluating the top high school football players in the nation, the Elite 11 quarterback competition and The Opening becoming the most popular events in high school sports and more, as his path will inspire you to chase your dreams.

Every high school student-athlete over the past 17 years knows Brian but most may not know the depth behind his story.

An athlete since his early days, Brian realized that he had a photographic memory and fell in love with competition. From a small town in California he dreamt of playing football at Cal and earned a full scholarship to join the Bears. You’ll laugh as he shares why he chose the Bears over Oregon and the variety of coaches he had in college.

An unfortunate hip injury ended his career on the field but Brian found a home at Student Sports, which is a premier event and grassroots marketing organization dedicated to student-athletes. Over 17 years he has had multiple roles and now serves as the president of Student Sports, where his passion for sports, student-athletes and competition have come together.

Brian not only discussed his 17 years with Elite 11, the nations top quarterback event and The Opening–which is a collection of the nations top high school football players who come together each July on the Nike campus–but explains what he hopes each student-athletes takes away from those events and the state of high school and college football.

Enjoy Brian’s story as he discusses why he enjoys influencing the next generation of leaders, living a life without limits and the ‘why’ behind his journey.

The 2016 Elite 11 documentary, ‘Welcome to the It Factory’ airs July 1st on Bleacher Report and will be released in a variety of parts until July 10th.

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Brian Stumpf talks to high school football players during the Elite 11 and The Opening Regional Camp

Brian Stumpf talks to high school football players during the Elite 11 and The Opening Regional Camp