All the way from Norway we bring you the next episode of the LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS podcast as you meet Candace Rose Rardon.

This world traveler will blow your mind and by the end of our conversation you’ll be booking a flight and chasing your dream. Candace, a writer, sketch artist & illustrator lives with a passion for telling stories about the world, through both words and watercolors.

Seven years ago she took her favorite quote and began to live by it. She picked everything up and moved to London, where her Great Affair with moving and learning about the world, and herself, become a part of her narrative. Exploring over fifty countries on six continents the lessons learned and stories shared are epic, but it’s her desire to live a full life that will have you leaning in for more.

Yogi came across her story when a friend passed along an article she wrote in National Geographic and in this episode these two talk travel, storytelling and take a deep dive into how Candace lives a LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS.

Follow Candace via her blog, THE GREAT AFFAIR, and on Twitter or Instagram for updates on her life, her travel stories and her art.


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