Cody Hawkins was born into football. His father, Coach Dan Hawkins, has been coaching for the majority of his life. But while coaching football is Cody’s profession is does not define him. The current UC Davis wide receivers coach joined The Yogi Roth and shared his experiences playing at Colorado under his Dad, being a player-coach in various leagues around the globe & his ‘why.’

He takes you inside the Colorado program and his own mind when he was a student-athlete, as his Dad was fired by the Buffaloes during Cody’s senior season and the game after Dan was let go Cody would be named Big-12 Offensive Player of the Week. Yogi had the opportunity to broadcast that game on Fox and shares his lens on that afternoon in Boulder.

Furthermore, Cody also has the travel bug, and once his career in college ended he found that football is widespread around the globe and started leading football clinics that would impact others in unimaginable ways.

He described the power of travel and related it to the human experience being about seeking joy and finding oneness within the human race through football. International football gave Cody the opportunity to make a positive impact on people and encourage them to build lasting and meaningful relationships through the game, which truly epitomizes one of Yogi’s favorite sayings ‘How Great is Ball.’

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