Over the Old City of Dubrovnik, Yogi Roth continues his LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS short travel series. In the third episode of this series you’ll find yourself on a boat from Venice, Italy to Croatia where the majority of passengers channeled their inner STAND BY ME and threw up all over the cabin.

The image of a vomit-filed boat quickly alters as Yogi explores the Plitvice Lake National Park—full of lush green trees and magical waterfalls that spur his imagination to have what his Dad, called ‘Free Fun.’ Yogi explores the power of listening, how the power of play impacts all of us and seeking your Personal Legend.

Next was Hvar, one of the most well known party islands in Croatia. Yet it is two weeks before this wild island gets rowdy for the summer and Yogi compares this ‘Off-Season’ to his off-season as a football player.

Finally, in Dubrovnik, Yogi finally comprehends why Game of Thrones has exploded, pretends he is Jason Bourne and explains the beauty of walking along the ancient walls in the Old City while walking along his own internal path.

If you enjoy traveling, exploring and seeking new adventures the third part of Yogi’s 2016 European travel series will have you reflecting on your path, how you view the simple things around us in life and possibly nudge you to channel your inner #Throner.


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