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Deemer Class (@22classy) is a midfielder for Chaos Lacrosse Club, one of the inaugural teams in the newly minted Premier Lacrosse League (PLL).

Class shares his experience growing up in one of the sport’s biggest hotbeds of Baltimore, MD, and takes you through the journey of rebuilding the Duke Lacrosse program throughout Team USA coach John Danowski’s first years in Durham. Hear also about his time spent juggling a budding professional lacrosse career with a full-time job on Wall Street, and why he ultimately chose to make lacrosse his life despite the uncertainty that it could be a viable living.

In addition to playing for PLL today, Class serves as the offensive assistant coach for the University of Southern California Women’s lacrosse team. He also offers training for youth players through First Class Lacrosse, a unique online platform perfect for breaking down film and demonstrating drills. Lastly, you can keep up with all of his own training, PLL highlights & more through his new YouTube Channel.

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