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What if you woke up each day with the goal to help every kid fighting cancer to Never Ever Give Up? That is Erik Rees, who lost his daughter Jessie in 2012 to cancer. He is the founder of NEGU-the Jessie Rees Foundation, which impacts children across the globe every single day and he recently joined The Yogi Roth Show to share his mission.

NEGU, or Never Ever Give Up, was Jessie’s motto and message during her fight with cancer and she shared that with countless people who have since shared that mantra around the globe and within the sports community. It sparked a movement where over 260,000 Joy Jars have been stuffed with toys, stuffed animals and much more to be given to courageous kids in hospitals around the world. NEGU has impacted families and individuals in all 50 states and 41 different places around the globe.

Over the last few years NFL players such as Sam Darnold, Deshaun Watson, Nick Vannett raised awareness with ‘My Cause My Cleats’ campaign and Josh Allen created an adventure with Cade Spinello where he visited the Buffalo Bills for a weekend this past season.

Join the NEGU team by visiting or emailing Erik at

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This conversation with Yogi and Erik took place on the Athletes First RV at the Super Bowl in Atlanta, which hosted a variety of conversations with sports icons and those dedicated to impacting others through the power of play.