From Europe, LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS host Yogi Roth takes you along his journey in the summer of 2017.

Starting in Paris outside the Louvre in a park Yogi sets the expectations of this adventure. He also brings you to the beaches of Biarritz in the VW van as he shares his love for travel along with introducing you to his brother Ravi Roth, who is also an expert in Travel as well as an actor from New York City. His show ‘Ravi Round The World’ explores the Gay Travel community in France and Spain and he joins Yogi on their first trip together.

Ravi will inspire you from the sand in San Sebastian to ‘live out loud’ and give you insight into the power of traveling and how it changed his life. He also delves into rejection as an actor and how he processes that, as actors are getting rejected multiple times per day.

You’ll laugh as you hear stories of Ravi’s 1st hostel experience, sleeping in a VW camper van, train adventures in Europe as well as getting a sense of the surf in San Sebastian and the beauty of the Basque Country as these two explored the waves, cuisine and culture of Northern Spain.

The final segment of this adventure takes you to Salzburg, Austria, as Yogi gets lost with acclaimed filmmaker Andrew Stephan. They ride bikes all over the countryside of Salzburg, exploring like they were 12 years old as well as walk each corner of the countryside town that is known for The Sound of Music. This conversation at sunrise unites storytelling and travel, as Andrew shares his creative path amid exploring the globe.

Andrew, who has produced and directed multiple 30 for 30s and is an Executive Producer on the documentary, YEAR OF THE SCAB, which airs September 12th on ESPN, will nudge you to get uncomfortable to create personal growth.

This unique podcast will Drop In on Europe and bring you alongside Yogi’s adventure as he competes to live by the phrase #BeWhereYourFeetAre.