During the week leading up to Father’s Day we wanted to do something fun and unique on the LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS podcast.

After brainstorming on the idea it just felt right to share the stories of the team behind the film LIFE IN A WALK.

Listen as Erin Erenberg, Jonathan ‘JJ’ James & the duo of Ariana Swan and Risa Chapnick describe their massive roles in creating the award-winning documentary and sharing its story with thousands of viewers.

Erin was the first person that we brought the film to. At the time, Erin was leading the crowd funding efforts at WME, one of the world’s most impactful talent agencies. As one of the first employee’s at Indiegogo, she has a masterful eye at knowing what films have a chance to find success in crowd funding, but it was her belief in this simple story that gave myself & our team the confidence to ask people to join in the journey to create this film. As an executive at Omaze, Erin continues to impact the world through storytelling.

JJ, a producer for over a decade in Los Angeles, doubled as my best friend and co-creator/executive producer in LIFE IN A WALK. His eye for storytelling, savvy ideas on how to share this film & passion to be a ‘nudge’ to the world allowed this documentary to be seen around the globe.

Ari and Risa, co-founders of Boutique Publicity, were the Public Relations arm for this film. They describe why they felt it had a chance to be successful, what their strategy was and how it impacted them in ways no one projected.

In part #1 of a three part series during Father’s Day Week go behind the curtain on how LIFE IN A WALK was made, how each role was vital in this films success & hear the power that spending time with the ones we love can have on our lives.

LIFE IN A WALK can be found on iTunes for .99 cents (until June 28th), On-Demand & on Delta flights around the globe.

Jonathan 'JJ' James

Jonathan ‘JJ’ James

The crew

The crew