In part 2 of the Father’s Day Series on the LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS podcast go behind the curtain with the literal hands of the award-winning documentary film LIFE IN A WALK as producer/editor Ed Borneman, editor Sam Young and composer Rory Modica share their process, how this simple story impacted them and how Will Roth taught them about what it means to live a full life.

Ed has been creating content for over 20 years in Hollywood and his veteran eye was critical as this film went from an idea in his basement to the big screen. While his skills as a storyteller are second to none what he went through during the editing process is something he discusses with Yogi, as Ed lost his father mid-way through the edit process.

Sam, an up and coming star editor in Hollywood, took on LIFE IN A WALK without hesitation and edited her first feature film. Her ability to find the special, yet relatable moments, in this documentary are discussed by viewers across the globe and from her first conversation with Yogi, they both knew there was a special bond that was forming.

Rory could easily be described as a genius musician, as he composed this film with an enthusiasm that continues to impact anyone who hears his tracks. A gifted musician who has an ear for music that will have you asking yourself, ‘how can he do that?’ over and over. He talks about his process, the power of music and his love for scoring films.

In part #2 of a three part series during Father’s Day Week go behind the curtain on how LIFE IN A WALK was made, how each role was vital in this films success & hear the power that spending time with the ones we love can have on our lives.

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LIFE IN A WALK can be found on iTunes for .99 cents (until June 28th), On-Demand & on Delta flights around the globe.