George Whitfield Jr is the most well-known private quarterback coach in the history of the profession, as he fundamentally created the profession and took it to unprecedented heights. He has appeared on ESPN’s College Gameday and every other sports media platform. He has trained the likes of Andrew Luck, Cam Newton, Jameis Winston, Johnny Manziel, Ben Rothlisberger and countless others. As an Elite 11 coach, he and Yogi have known each other for over a decade. But George has much more depth to him than seen on television or on a field. He shared that this summer during the Elite 11, as he educated our staff and players on the topic of racism in this country by urging others to get to know what each others ‘Kitchen Tables’ were like. It was a presentation that Yogi had never seen in his 12 years at Elite 11 and its impact will impact far beyond the field. This conversation will spark your next conversation, educate you on the private QB space, give a lens on George’s life and much more. Follow @GeorgeWhitfieldJr on social media and for more conversations around the humanity in sports follow @YogiRoth and subscribe to the How Great Is Ball newsletter at