J.T. O’Sullivan, who played quarterback for over a decade in the NFL joins Yogi Roth to discuss his journey from high school to a QB who garnered a Heisman vote at UC Davis. In addition, he played for more than 10 teams in the NFL to his recent endeavor, The QB School.

His lens on the position, as well as his knowledge regarding leadership (he has a Ph.D. in Leadership Studies), offers a unique perspective on the QB position.

His YouTube channel, The QB School, has over 100k subscribers and offers QB evaluations and in depth courses. Visit https://theqbschool.com/ or https://www.youtube.com/c/TheQBSchool for more information.

For stories around sports and humanity visit www.YogiRoth.com and follow @YogiRoth for insight into college football and storytelling. This podcast is part of the Season 6 series, ‘QBs: what does it mean to Make It?’