From welfare to stardom, living with two Moms to surfing each morning, from traveling to dealing with fear and more the LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS podcast welcomes gifted storyteller Janne Robinson.

Host Yogi Roth interviews one of this generations surging poets and it will have you laughing from the very first moment, as they have some fun with their unique names. As they settle in, Janne shares how she became so open and vulnerable in life and that ‘communication with immediacy’ is one of her founding principles.

Born in a small cabin in Canada, Janne found her passion for writing years later when her first story was published in the 3rd grade about a hamster with three wishes.

Since then, this wordsmith’s career has taken off. Her poem, ‘This is for the women who don’t give a fuck’ has almost 2 million views and her social media profile continues to gain a following. Janne shares how she processed instant fame and the major difference as a writer between ‘Sensitivity and Censorship.’

Janne explores her creative process while sharing how being ‘all in’ is a great gift and a great fear at the same time, whether in the ocean surfing or in her daily life.

Her optimistic and positive view will leave you wanting to play big, paddle in and live with faith, trust and love.

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Janne Robinson, storyteller

Janne Robinson, storyteller