Jason Johnson, Emmy winning Director of Photography and Producer & former Arizona Wildcat quarterback, joins The Yogi Roth show in the limited series titled ‘What Does It Mean to Make It?’

Jason has been making films since he was in college and now creates content for the likes of ESPN, ABC, NBC Sports, Big 10 Network, and Pac-12 Network, and he regularly works with the NFL, MLB Digital Academy, and MLS. After college he spent time in the NFL, CFL and NFL Europe – where his love for travel, sport and filmmaking flourished. His perspective on life and what he has seen as a filmmaker offer a brilliant perspective on the often misunderstood question, ‘What Does It Mean to Make It?’

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This episode is executive produced and edited by Owen Black. Follow his work @OwenBlack1 on Instagram. This episode is edited on YouTube by Noah Hanning.