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‘A Brand is no different than a Resume’ ~ Jeremy Darlow, leading brand consultant/author

Jeremy Darlow went from having an empty refrigerator as a child to becoming one of the leading marketing and brand consultants in the sports world.

The former director of marketing for Adidas football and baseball joined The Yogi Roth Show to share his path, his passion and his guidance around athletes building their brands.

Author of the books, BRANDS WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS and ATHLETES ARE BRANDS TOO, Darlow has worked with the Los Angeles Rams, dozens of college programs and thousands of athletes guiding them toward finding their positioning statement and ultimately, ownership of their story. That process, which host Yogi Roth went through, has proven to impact careers, guide athletes to opportunities beyond their playing ability and much more.

Furthermore, Darlow’s own story is one that will remind us all that grit, determination, curiosity and humility allows for great opportunity to live a purposeful and passionate life.

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