Known as one of the top 5 greatest American living athletes today, Jim Brown is in the NFL Hall of Fame, College Football Hall of Fame, the Lacrosse Hall of Fame and has accomplished much more in his life. Yogi was able to sit down with this sports icon in front of a live audience at a Thuzio event in Los Angeles. Jim Brown, who is also a complicated figure, has been in the middle of sport, entertainment, activism and conflict during his life. At 82, Jim Brown describes himself as a ‘driven person,’ and delves into why he abruptly left the NFL and found his way to Hollywood as an actor ,where he broke down barriers in acting much like he did in life in activism alongside Muhammad Ali, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Bill Russell and more. His stories will take you back in time at Syracuse, where he almost left college, into an NFL huddle with the Cleveland Browns, a famous summit with elite athletes in 1967 that strove to change the country and even into a recent meeting with Donald Trump. He also describes the details behind his Amer-I-Can program and much more, you can learn more at or follow Jim Brown on Twitter at @JimBrownNFL32. Learn more about Thuzio events by visiting