From a train station in San Sebastian, Spain Joe Towne re-joins the LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS podcast with Yogi Roth. Yogi, a traveler of over 30 countries, found an apartment in San Sebastian and spent the month of May writing and surfing, while connecting with friends and family. The first guest in this beachfront town was Joe Towne. Joe, an award winning actor, writer, director and performance coach who got his degree in Acting from the University of Southern California, is also an expert in feng shui. He sat down with Yogi and shared his intention behind this adventure, elements of his new class titled MINDSET and how he and his business partner Hillary Tuck would impact the Elite 11 quarterbacks this summer. Yogi took their class this off-season and was blown away. Each class offered a unique insight into storytelling and taught skills that will allow the performer to remain on the razors edge of their craft. This conversation will guide you towards setting an intention for your life and offer you skills to follow up on it. Furthermore, it will more than likely nudge you to book an adventure to San Sebastian, one of the most magical places on earth. For more information on Joe Towne’s MINDSET class find him on Twitter or Instagram @MeJoeTowne or visit For more episodes of the LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS podcast visit or follow Yogi on social media @YogiRoth.