From a small town to the bright lights of ESPN Joey Roberts has yet to flinch, until he asked himself what his own story was.

Some have called Joey Roberts, an ESPN NFL Associate Sport Scout and the Elite 11 Director of Scouting, the ‘next superstar,’ a ‘prodigy’ and ‘one of the top football evaluators in the game.’ It makes sense, as he began an internship at 18 with ESPN’s Chris Mortensen and grew to work alongside Adam Schefter, Trent Dilfer and many more ESPN producers/directors/hosts/analysts/reporters.

Yet it wasn’t until he started to ask himself who he was, where he wanted to go and how he wanted to live that Joey began to feel true success.

‘I will never be able to help a quarterback reach his maximum potential if I am not reaching my maximum potential.’ Said Roberts to host Yogi Roth.

Listen to Part 1 of the Joey Roberts, LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS conversation, and you’ll get inspired, you’ll be challenged and you’ll start to ask yourself real questions, much like Joey Roberts did.

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