Life is a journey and Joey Roberts is aware of his path.

He re-joins the LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS podcast and shares his thoughts after exploring Europe with host Yogi Roth in the summer of 2016 and the impact that traveling has had on him.

Joey reflects on walking over 20 miles in Paris, a wild boat ride in Venice, accepting that it is ok to unplug from life in Croatia and wandering alone in Barcelona.

The ESPN NFL Associate Sport Scout and Elite 11 Director of Scouting will make you chuckle about what it’s like to not have wi-fi, the impact of sharing his story has had on him and how he currently see’s himself.

For others who have yet to explore this vast world, are nervous about traveling without a plan or are seeking to see life from a different vantage point this is a must listen, as there is so much of all of us in Joey and his story.


Joey Roberts honesty may make you uncomfortable but it will likely have you stepping out of your own comfort zone.

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