John Brenkus is known around the globe as being the host of ‘Sports Science,’ which won 6 Emmy Awards while exploring the science behind some of the greatest performers in the history of sports, but that is only a sliver of his story. At his core, John is an artist who thrives on ‘creating something out of nothing.’  He joins the LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS podcast with Yogi Roth and takes a deep dive into his past as a artist, where it began as a child and why he lives to have a blank canvas and simply, create. A New York Times best-selling author (THE PERFECTION POINT), producer, director, writer, musician and host of THE BRINK OF MIDNIGHT podcast, John defines entrepreneur. What makes his story so impactful is that John reflects everything he creates. In his podcast, he inspires his listeners with the stories of luminaries in sports, entertainment, business, tech, philanthropy and much, much more. Recently, John teamed up with Trent Dilfer to create and co-host a new series titled ‘Soul & Science’ on NFL Network. As John dives into the biomechanics of some of the top football players entering the 2018 NFL Draft, Dilfer explores the intangibles, or the soul of each QB. Follow John, @JohnBrenkus_ and his podcast @BrinkOfMidnight on Twitter or visit visit To listen to more LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS podcasts follow @YogiRoth or visit