‘We only exist to have impact.’ ~ John Heymann, One World Play Project CEO.

We all know that the power of play is real and we can easily understand that playing with a ball can put a smile on someone’s face, start a conversation and create a memory. But how can we use ‘play’ to do more?

The answer is simple: follow the path blazed by One World Play Project. Their CEO, John Heymann joined the LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS podcast with Yogi Roth to share how this small concept became a global movement

Their mission: to bring the power of play to youth and adults around the world, as they believe that play is a fundamental human need. John spoke with Yogiwho has recently joined One World Play Project as a Storytelling Ambassador, and discussed the ‘why’ behind this brand.

Yogi Roth, Storytelling Ambassador for One World Play Project

This conversation will light you up as this simple ball can be found on soccer fields, parks and city streets in over 185 countries as 2.2 million balls have been given away, impacting an estimated 60 million people. Furthermore, One World Play Project is impacting displaced people around the globe, specifically in refugee communities in Syria, Greece, Italy, and the USA. John shares how this simple ball allows the refugee community and local community to find a common ground, known as play.

John’s story is fascinating, as he has worked with various companies and at 42 years old chose to join the Peace Core. He will move you to do the obvious, play.

Join the One World Play Project movement and get a 20% discount on a ball by using the code YOGI at https://www.oneworldplayproject.com.

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John Heymann, CEO of One World Play Project

Yogi Roth, Storytelling Ambassador for One World Play Project

Jon Gordon and the One World Play Project ball

Taylor Kavanaugh and One World Play Project ball