From the heart of Venice Beach, in the LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS podcast studio, Jonathan Baruch joins host Yogi Roth to recap their exploration in Israel.

Jonathan, the founding partner at Rain Management Group/StoryBy—a media company that manages careers of artists and produces/packages content across the globe—shares his path from the east coast to Los Angeles to enter the Hollywood world, or as he says, ‘I wanted to make movies.’

Through vivid storytelling, Jonathan will take you to the Authentic Café in Hollywood, describing the final meal he had with his Mom, as well why he continues to travel to Israel—a nation that has impacted him in ways he never imagined.

On Jonathan’s most recent trip to Israel he brought Yogi, as they explored American football in the Middle East, searched for Yogi’s ‘tree,’ visited Haifa where Yogi’s mom was born, created a short film titled ‘What Does It Mean to Love?’ and pushed boundaries as storytellers and individuals.

Jonathan’s view on life will leave you wanting to take chances and operate in the world of ‘what we can do’ and that when ‘we fail, we just keep going on.’

In a unique two-way conversation, you’ll hear from both Jonathan and Yogi about their trip together, how they were each impacted and why ‘giving’ matters most.

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Jonathan carried off the field in Tel Aviv

Jonathan, always impacting