‘I had a dream crowded with clarity to push my limits so I could see a glimpse of my potential.’ ~ Luke Tyburski, Endurance Adventurer.

Listen to endurance adventurer Luke Tyburski, as he joins the LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS podcast where he shares how he swam, biked and ran from Morocco to Monaco in only 12 days.

Imagine swimming 400 laps in a 50 meter pool, cycling over 1300 kilometers in less than 5 days and then running 14 combined marathons in only 7 days – yup, that’s what Luke did and the best part, he captured it in the acclaimed documentary film THE ULTIMATE TRIATHLON.

Luke shares a simple story with host Yogi Roth about how this epic adventure began with him looking at a globe and asking himself where he wanted to explore in the world to the realization that he would swim, ride and run 2000 kilometers in just 12 days, just because he felt it in his soul.

A former professional athlete, Luke went through the struggles that many go through as transition occurs in life and he openly shares his newfound look on love, how a simple sign in his home as a child inspired him to put one foot in front of the other and that once you start to show yourself compassion you can become whole.

His film has been seen across the globe and will inspire you to seek your purpose while expanding your comfort zone as Luke leaves a ‘trail of inspiration.’

Find Luke at http://luketyburski.com or follow him on social media @LukeTyburski.

Watch The Ultimate Triathlon Documentary Trailer: https://vimeo.com/180228682

You can also find his film, THE ULTIMATE TRIATHLON: http://theultimatetriathlon.co

Luke’s amazing team after 12 days, and 2000 km’s.


Luke pondering his swim from Africa to Spain

Step 2: the cycle

Luke Tyburski at stage 3, the run.