Outside of the new Oregon Ducks practice facility the Pac-12 Network’s Mike Yam discusses his path, his competitive spirit and the day he learned about broadcasting on the LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS podcast with Yogi Roth.

As the Pac-12 Network visits each Pac-12 campus during training camp Mike Yam—the host and one of the main faces of the Pac-12 Network—shares stories about his fast-track to the top of the TV profession.

Mike’s college career at Fordham University began with a desire to be a pediatrician but after a random meeting with a friend his path quickly morphed into that of a host/broadcaster. From there, Mike’s career took off with stops at NBA TV, SiriusXM Radio and hosting SportsCenter before he was 30 years old.

Mike, who claims he is an introvert, shares a memorable story about his first night at the Pac-12 Network, his unique desire to be great, that the fear of failure is a component in his process and how responsible he feels each day at the Pac-12 Network.

Furthermore, if you are pining for college football insight during the first half of the Pac-12 Network Training Camp Tour, listen as Mike shares what he learned from each head coach along the way.

Listen to more of Mike Yam on his new podcast, GIVE ME A SENSE with Mike Yam, which is one of the top ranked sports podcasts on iTunes, Stitcher and BlogTalk Radio.

The Give Me A Sense podcast with Mike Yam

The Give Me A Sense podcast with Mike Yam

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